Our story

family owned and operated for four generations

Our Purpose

We are a family that works hard for the wellness and developments of more families. In our clients, we do it by offering fruits and vegetables of the highest quality for a healthy and strong life. In our collaborators, building opportunities of personal and professional growth for a full and fruitful life. In the communities, generating richness and programs that allow a better life quality today and in future generations.

Our Vision

To be a company with global positioning in the supplying of fruits and vegetables, that transcends not just in quality and service of their products but also by their strong emphasis in an etic work that impacts positively in the social, community and familiar development; Growing always based in innovation, diversification, and above of all, with a human approach.

Our Produce

We harvest 10 months out of the year to offer product we can be sure will represent quality, food safety and social and environmental responsible back story.

Harvesting a better future,inspired by humans.

To co-create a world where our families, communities and our planet can flourish.

Dignity Project is about empowering consumers, collaborators and communities to choose progress and honorability


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Giumarra Borquez expects big Mexican asparagus crop.

Giumarra grower partner builds health facilities.

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